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14 nov 2019

Op donderdag 14 november 2019 organiseren de Belgische Vereniging van Transportverzekeraars (ABAM-BVT), de Beroepsvereniging van Verzekeringsmakelaars (BVVM), de Studiekring Zeeverzekering en de Belgische Vereniging voor Zeerecht een gezamenlijk colloquium over "General Average - Ever Young or time to move on? "

Het volledige programma vindt u onderaan op deze pagina in de pdf.

Praktische informatie:

9 mei 2019

The 2019 Assembly of the CMI will take place in Mexico City, Mexico on the afternoon of Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, preceded by a two-day colloquium organized jointly by the CMI and the Mexican MLA. This is in accord with the tradition and historical format of holding a full international Conference only once every four years, with Seminars and Colloquia in intermediate years, coinciding with our annual Assembly. The next Conference will be in  Tokyo, Japan in 2020.